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MIZON Cleansing Foam

The new mizon cleansing foam is a luxurious, air-yielding approach to cleaning. With its gentle sandalwood and peppermint ingredients, it provides atiniai-like leave-no-trace approach to cleansing that is perfect for those with dry skin. The 150ml size is easy to store, with a handy zip-top jar. This clean feeling is furthertted by its brightening range - from gentle enough for those with dry skin to enough for those with oily skin. With its handy little jar, this products is easy to keep on hand.

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This cleansing foam is designed to cleanse and clean the skin's pores. It is made of high-quality cloth which helps to reduce bacteria growth and overseas bacteria.
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the mizon cleansing foam is a rice-based cleanser that is made for during the daily use of skin care. It is a gentle solution that is effective and easy to use. The foam is a few drops that can be used on face and body. It is a short-lasting product and leaves the skin feeling clean and radiant.